Hello everyone,

Decemeber is here and this means we have the Global Day of Code Retreat coming up soon. The Global Day of Code Retreat is a whole day event similar in the format to our meetings, but it lasts the entire day. It is pretty much about 6 of our meetings squashed together. This event is hosted on the same day of December 14th at multiple locations around the globe.

To make way for the Code Retreat, we will not having the regular Baltimore Code Craftsmanship meetup at UMBC this month. If you enjoyed our previous meetups, we would highly recommend you to attend this event. The closest location to UMBC or Baltimore would be in Columbia. More information about the event is here. Also, for the folks who live further south, you may consider attending one in Reston. We hope to see you there on December 14th.

P.S: We would be resuming our regular meetups in January. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions about the meetup, email Primal Pappachan <primal1@umbc {DOT} edu> or Vladimir Korolev <vkorol1@umbc {DOT} edu>