Month: February 2014

Baltimore Code Craftsmanship Feb. Meetup, 7pm Thr Feb 20, UMBC

The Baltimore Code Craftsmanship meetup group, organized by the UMBC ACM student chapter, will hold its monthly meeting at 7:00 pm on Thursday, February 20 in the Sondheim Building, Room # 107 on the UMBC Campus. The meetup is for the students, faculty and software developers in the Baltimore area that care about the quality of their work and want to practice and improve their programming skills, share what they know and learn new things from others.

This is a hands on coding user group with no presentations. Each meeting will be a dojo where we will go through a challenging software craftsmanship exercise that focuses on clean code, test-driven development, design patterns, and refactoring. We will pair up and practice on a kata in order to learn and apply the values, principles, and disciplines of software craftsmanship. Come with your laptop equipped with your favorite programming and automated unit testing environment. If you don’t have a laptop, come anyway, we will need only one laptop for every two people. Be prepared to pair up, learn, share and have fun!

Join the meetup and register to attend here :

UMBC's 36th Graduate Research Conference

UMBC’s annual Graduate Research Conference (GRC) is back and will be held on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 ! The GRC provides graduate students an opportunity to showcase their work and research in form of poster and oral presentations to the UMBC community. Graduate students are invited to present their ongoing or previously published research as posters or oral presentations. Students are also encouraged to convert their class projects into poster or oral presentations. For the recently joined graduate students, it is an opportunity to learn what your fellow colleagues are working on.

Please consider submitting and presenting your work at the GRC as it provides you an opportunity to gain valuable experience in communicating and presenting your work, especially to people outside your field. To participate, submit your abstract by March 1 here :

Attendees and presenters both need to register, also by March 1 here :

UMBC’s Graduate Research Conference is organaized by UMBC’s Graduate Student Association. More information about this year’s Graduate Research Conference can be found here :