We would like to invite you for the next talk in our UMBC ACM techTalk Research@CSEE series. Professor Mohammad Raunak, who is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Loyola University Maryland will talk about “Quantifying validation of Non-Testable Programs”. Dr. Raunak will talk about his work in developing verification as well as validation approaches for software testing and how it can extended  to non-testable programs.

Abstract: An important aspect of software testing is the development and use of different adequacy criteria, often referred to ascoverage criteria. These criteria help guide verification and validation (V&V) activities, and thus improve overall quality of software. However, all adequacy criteria assume the presence of test-oracles, which is not applicable for the set of programs often termed as `non-testable.’ Simulations, machine learning algorithms, and other non-deterministic software are examples of such programs. There has been little research to develop verification or validation related adequacy criteria for these types of programs. In this paper, we argue that developing such adequacy criteria are not only possible, but crucial for quantifying and communicating how well V&V activities have been applied on a program. We propose one approach to a validation coverage criteria and indicate how it can be extended to other V&V related coverage criteria for `non-testable’ programs.

Speaker Bio: Mohammad Raunak is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Loyola University Maryland. His primary research interest involves verification, validation, and analysis of complex software and simulation systems. He is also interested in modeling and analyzing software and other human-intensive processes. Dr. Raunak received his MS and PhD in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst. His email and web addresses are raunak@loyola.edu and http://www.cs.loyola.edu/~raunak/.

Event Details:
Talk: Quantifying validation of ‘Non-Testable’ Programs
Theme:  Software System Modeling & Simulation
Date: Friday, April 18, 2014
Time:  11 am – 12 pm
Room: ITE 346

Please RSVP for the talk here: http://my.umbc.edu/events/24044/