Month: December 2022

ACM Talk & Hi-Tea, Dec 7th, 2022, Wednesday, 11:15am to 12:50pm, ITE325b & Webex

You are invited to ACM Talk & Hi-Tea! Join us to learn more and connect with faculty, staff, students and treat yourself to coffee, tea and snacks! 

Location: In Person: ITE 325b (the speaker will present in person); Virtual:
Time: Dec. 7th 2022, Wednesday, 11:15am to 12:50pm

ACM Talk: Modeling and Assessing Association by Comparing Spatial Heterogeneity
Speaker: Dr. Xuezhi Cang, UMBC. 
Abstract:Measuring spatial association between different spatial layers is important in spatial data modeling. Traditionally, the relationship between variables can be measured by linear regression. The assumptions of those traditional methods are hard to meet in the spatial data. Also, the traditional statistical methods do not consider Tobler’s First Law of Geography which is an important spatial data property. To address these drawbacks, I propose a spatial data association estimator (termed as SPatial Association DEtector, SPADE). By comparing the spatial heterogeneity, this estimator, which evolved from a variance-based relation estimator, explicitly considers the spatial variance by assigning the weight of the influence based on spatial distribution. It also overcomes the drawback of its old version which can only measure the association between continuous and discrete variables. This method has been applied to estimate the influence of the environmental factors and their outcome (e.g. junction angle and environmental factors). The associations between environmental factors and junction angles have been used to infer the paleoenvironment of Mars; they showed that Mars was probably “warm” and “wet” several billion years ago. The method could also be used in human geography and social science to estimate the importance of spatial factors and their outcome. 

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