CSEE Research Symposium – 2018

What to Submit

* Faculty Talks. We seek UMBC CSEE faculty to present their best research accomplishments from 2017-18. There will be six faculty talks, each 20 minutes long. The talks should describe recent concrete research accomplishments, not on-going research directions, understandable to most CSEE faculty. Submit your name, lab, talk title and informative abstract in ascii (at most 250 words).

* Student Research Prizes and Talks. We invite UMBC CSEE undergraduate and graduate students to have their research considered for the prizes ($100 each) of Best Emerging Woman Researcher, Best Undergraduate Researcher, Best MS Researcher, and Best PhD Researcher. Winners will present their research in 20-minute talks. Submit name, lab, title, informative abstract (in ascii), one technical report (at most 10 pages). Prizes will be awarded primarily on the basis of scientific merit (significance, originality, nontriviality, correctness) and to a lesser extent on effective writing (clarity, proper English usage).

* Student Research Posters/Elevator Pitch. We seek UMBC CSEE undergraduate and graduate students to present their best research/project accomplishments from 2017-2018 in posters. Submit name, lab, poster title and informative abstract in ascii (at most 250 words). Prizes ($50 each) to best poster and best elevator pitch, voted by professors on basis of scientific merit and effective presentation, using range voting.

How to Submit

* Submit faculty talk abstract electronically via Link: faculty abstract

* Submit student research paper electronically via Link: student paper

* Submit student poster/elevator pitch abstract electronically via Link: student abstract

* Length Requirements. (a) Each abstract must be no more than 250 words and written in an informative style concretely summarizing your new and significant research results. (b) Each paper submitted must be no more than 10 pages, unless the submitted paper has already been accepted to a refereed research journal. Only one paper may be submitted.

* Supplemental One-Page Statement on Award submissions. Each submission for an award must be accompanied by a one-page statement by the student explaining the novelty and significance of the submitted paper. This statement must be written to be understandable by all CSEE faculty. The statement must be included in the submitted single pdf file.

* Award Criteria. The award is based primarily on the scientific merit of the submitted paper, and to a lesser extent on its effective presentation. Scientific merit includes novelty, significance, correctness, completeness, and non-triviality. Effective presentation includes clarity, organization, and effective English usage.

* Required Information for Posters and Awards. Be sure to include your name, degree program (CS, CE, EE, Cyber), degree level (BS, MS, MPS, PhD), research group, and advisor’s name.

* Questions and Special Requests. Any special instructions or requests should be sent to acmumbc at csee dot umbc dot edu


All submissions will be electronic through google forms.
* April 27 (12:00 Noon) – Faculty talks, student research and poster submissions due.
* May 1 – Program, awards, posters session announced.

ACM student committee,
IEEE student committee

Please be sure to register